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Comprehensive non-payment protection solutions for cross-border e-commerce

Comprehensive non-payment protection solutions for cross-border e-commerce

Full stack merchant non-payment protection solution

Non-payment has had a negative impact on your business that cannot be ignored. It’s time to fix it – Wintranx can help by immediately reducing the loss of funds from non-payment.

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"Easy Complaint"

Assist in writing customer complaint responses online in real time, and obtain wintranx browser plug-ins

A must-have tool for cross-border e-commerce operations! One-click accurate translation, intelligent reminder of professional reply suggestions, automatic generation of complaint reply emails, rich email templates and case library resources, and more cutting-edge tools and practical strategies for account and fund security.

The essential risk control tool for cross-border sellers

Backed by global big data-driven, AI intelligent learning system to continuously optimize your customer complaint handling advice and risk control solutions

Shop Check

Customer Complaint

Grievance Service

Unblock Account

Covering global mainstream e-commerce platforms and payment methods

With 15 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Wintranx’s business risk control system has helped tens of thousands of cross-border merchants and financial institutions to avoid losses and recover losses!

Cross-border transaction risk control solutions for large e-commerce and small and medium-sized financial institutions

Master the global risk data trends, build a cross-border transaction risk control center, intelligently monitor transaction quality in an all-round way, eliminate fraud, prevent chargebacks, and ensure the safety and reliability of every transaction.

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The professional who understands cross-border e-commerce best
Risk control services at your fingertips

Focus on cross-border transactions, account appeals, fund freezing, customer complaint handling and other risk control and security research and development + operation, escort for Chinese cross-border sellers to go overseas safely.


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