Cross-border e-commerce solutions

Cross-border e-commerce solutions

Wintranx integrates superior global resources to provide convenient, efficient and safe one-stop solutions for Chinese cross-border sellers’ overseas needs and pain points.
The most knowledgeable risk control service provider of cross-border e-commerce

The most knowledgeable risk control service provider of cross-border e-commerce

Focus on the research and development + operation of cross-border e-commerce transactions, account complaints, fund freezing, customer complaint handling and other risk control security, to protect the safety of Chinese cross-border sellers.

Covering global mainstream e-commerce platforms & payment platforms

Scenario pain points

Not sure if the brand or store has illegal items
Received a customer complaint, not sure how to respond
Malicious attacks by competitors that cannot be prevented
Unprofessional handling of platform station letters
Platform penalties, account shutdown, funds freeze

Platform sellers

Is there any violation in the independent store
Buyer jacking, malicious fraud can't be handled
Unprofessional and untimely handling of customer complaints and escalation of problems
Receiving account restricted, blocked, funds frozen

Independent site sellers

Program Advantages

AI Machine Learning Intelligent Risk Control System

Diversified platform support for e-commerce, website building and payment, seamlessly connected

Browser extension plug-in, real-time online, easy access to professional advice

Familiar with the compliance policies of major e-commerce platforms and acquirers

Senior expert in cross-border e-commerce industry with a team of overseas lawyers

Related Products

Store physical examination

In-depth understanding of the operation status of the store/listing and the problem, it is convenient for sellers to make corresponding adjustments according to the situation and avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

Customer complaint handling

Assist in writing customer complaint response content online in real time, so that you can get professional advice on handling customer complaints and platform emails while receiving them, and automatically generate response content.

Grievance Service

Standing in the position of sellers, we provide a complete complaint service for all kinds of dispute cases facing the platform/acquirer, including order disputes, customer disputes, restricted rights and interests complaints, etc.

Account unblock

Unblock appeals against blocked or restricted cross-border e-commerce platforms or payment accounts, and provide the best appeal plan according to different reasons for the ban. Recover frozen funds and recover losses for merchants.

Extreme Refund

Preferred quick refund tool for sellers with orders under $25. Can help improve store performance on issues such as order defect rates, credit card rejection claims, return dissatisfaction rates, etc.

Dispute and Denial Management

When a consumer files a chargeback, we send a chargeback warning notice to the merchant before a chargeback dispute arises, helping the merchant to pre-treat the chargeback dispute and can initiate a refund, greatly reducing the merchant's chargeback rate.

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