Cross-border E-commerce Solutions

Wintranx integrates global advantageous resources to provide convenient, efficient and safe one-stop solutions for Chinese cross-border sellers’ overseas needs and pain points.

Pain Points

It is not clear whether the brand or store has any violation
Received customer complaint, do not know how to reply
Competitors malicious attack, unable to defend against
Unprofessional in-station message processing
Platform punishment, account closure, capital freeze

Platform for the seller

It is not clear if the independent shop has violated the rules
Buyer masturbates wool, malicious fraud cannot be handled
Unprofessional handling of customer complaints leads to escalating problems and prolonging the settlement cycle
The receiving account is restricted, blocked, and funds are frozen

Independent site seller

    Plan Advantage

    AI machine learning and intelligent risk management system  

    Support Ecommerce website construction and payment integration

    Browser plugin extension for easy access and real time monitoring

    Well known Ecommerce platforms and acquirers compliance polices

    Crossborder Ecommerce experts and overseas lawyer team

    Related Products

    Store Inspection

    An in-depth understanding of the operation status of the store /listing and the problems will facilitate the sellers to make corresponding adjustments to the case and avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

    Dispute Service

    Assist in writing customer complaint reply content online in real time so that receive customer dispute and platform emails, get professional solution and automatically generate reply content.

    Appeal Service

    Provide a complete appeal service for all kinds of dispute cases on the platform/receiving bank, including order dispute, customer complaint dispute, rights and interests limited appeal, etc.

    Account Release

    Release and appeal the blocked or restricted e-commerce platforms or payment accounts, and provide the best appeal plan according to different reasons for blocking accounts. Recover the frozen funds to recover losses for businesses.

    Express Refund Tool

    The Express Refund Tool is the go-to option for sellers with orders under $25. Can help improve store performance, such as ODR, Chargeback Claims, order cancellation rate, return dissatisfaction rate and other issues.

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