Customized risk control services

With 15+ years of experience in fraud management and cross-border risk control, Wintranx provides professional and customized risk control services, including real-time fraud prevention, dispute and denial management, and key data analysis, enabling merchants to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.

Denial Management Services

Ideal for merchants who want to cover their refund-related fraud expenses with stable costs and need to tightly control rejection rates and refund losses.
Wintranx’s Denial Management service provides real-time, automated transaction approval/denial decisions that are 100% resistant to denial fraud, helping merchants grow their business revenue with zero risk of denial.

Risk Management Services

Ideal for merchants focused on achieving specific business KPIs, providing the support of vertical industry fraud expertise to help merchants ultimately achieve their KPIs.
Wintranx provides a full-stack of customized risk management services based on your business type, empowering smooth achievement of desired business outcomes.

Strategy Management and Optimization (PMO)

Ideal for merchants who have experienced sophisticated fraud attacks that have caused large business losses or who are looking for guidance on refining their fraud prevention strategies.
Wintranx’s PMO services provide in-depth performance analysis and ongoing management and optimization of business and operational strategies to help merchants quickly and accurately resolve complex fraud issues and stabilize growth.

Butler Service

Ideal for merchants who plan to bring in outside expertise in fraud prevention or need to build an internal fraud prevention team.
Wintranx’s housekeeping services include the implementation of all of Wintranx’s risk control solutions, from creating business strategies to stopping denials, with complete coverage of every aspect of the business lifecycle. Merchants are able to apply cutting-edge fraud prevention strategies in real time and save significant human, material and financial costs to invest in growing their business.

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