Efficient dispute handling and rejection management solutions for cross-border transactions

An automated risk management tool that helps cross-border e-commerce sellers handle customer disputes and reduce rejection rates

How the Wintranx dispute and denial management system works

Integrates with all authorization tools from Visa-Verifi, MasterCard-Ethoca to help merchants prevent financial losses from chargeback disputes and friendly fraud.



will tell you when the cardholder is disputing the transaction.
If you receive an [inquiry] message in the reject management system, you can proactively communicate with your bank or acquirer in a timely manner.
Rejection Alert

Rejection Alert

You will be informed of the upcoming denial.

After receiving a [Rejection Alert], you can take immediate action. Manually or automatically enter the refund process to abort future rejections.



You will be informed that the rejection has been generated.
Upon receiving a [Reject Notice], you can immediately stop the shipment to prevent further damage. Recommendation: Adjust your denial fraud strategy and improve your customer experience.

Our advantage

Extreme Refund

Quickly resolve customer disputes and save time, cost and resources on manual reviews.

Reduce rejection rates efficiently

Resolve disputes as soon as the customer contacts the issuing bank, thereby significantly reducing the rejection rate.

Secure sales results

Helps consumers identify purchase transaction data and eliminate rejection whenever possible.

Easy management of rejection disputes

In the event of a denial dispute, take immediate action and resolve the issue.

Real-time adjustment of fraud prevention strategies

Use decision data insights and analytics to align strategies in anti-fraud solutions.

Licensing tools for major international card brands

By partnering with Verifi, Wintranx customers can handle denial disputes with real-time refunds.

Verifi's powerful set of denial prevention tools Order Insight®, the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®) and INFORM - can help you identify, prevent and resolve denials.

Partner with Ethoca to help merchants get the first confirmed denied fraud alerts and automatically block all types of fraudulent transactions.

Identify friendly fraud and prevent it effectively

Fraud-friendly solutions help merchants communicate transaction details to both the issuing bank and the consumer. In the event of a dispute, these transaction details can help customers identify the purchase.

If you pair your friendly fraud solution with Wintranx Fraud Management, you will be able to identify which customers are most likely to maliciously commit friendly fraud to obtain free goods.

Get expert help with managed services

Wintranx’s risk control experts can help you optimize your anti-fraud policies, build your internal risk control team and improve your business operations. Maintain efficient dispute and denial management and achieve desired business results based on established services.

Wintranx helps Bitget reduce rejections

With the help of Wintranx artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Bitget discovered more hidden fraud and reduced refund rates by 92%. Wintranx provides efficient and convenient dispute and denial management solutions and has guided the formation of an efficient in-house risk control team.

Ready to stop denial fraud?

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