FaaS Card Acquiring Suite Enables International Business Upgrade

Finance as a service helps domestic financial institutions, banks, e-commerce platforms, etc. to expand their international business globally.

How the FaaS Outbound Card Acquiring Suite Works

Professional overseas supporting services

Provide a range of overseas supporting services including compliance consulting, risk control anti-fraud, global channel pool and global secretary

Complete collection and payment system

Integrated unified payment platform, the system directly connects to the international card group, providing users with a seamless and secure payment experience and improving the payment success rate

Compliance Consulting

Compliance Consulting | QSP/PF Application | GARS | PCI Certification

Global Channel Pool

China UK USA Singapore UAE Middle East Africa Australia Eastern Europe

Risk Control and Anti-Fraud

Chargeback Rate Management | Website Risk Scanning | productcompliance scanning

Supporting services

Overseas Company Registration | Local Bank Account Opening | Overseas License Application | Virtual Account | Virtual Card

Our advantage

Rapid deployment

7-15 days to go live, low cost investment

Ace Risk Control Team

15 years in the industry + senior management team to protect the escort

Deck License Qualification

Domestic Tier 1 License: Verifi, ethoca
Global Customer Service Operation Center: AUSTREME

PCI Qualification

Achieved PCI DSS Lv1, the industry's highest level of financial security certification

Hundreds of mainstream acquiring lines

China USA Europe Australia Singapore Mexico ......

Financial Licenses in Popular Regions of the World


Complete payment and collection system + Intelligent risk control engine + Multi-currency accounts

Multi-tier, multi-currency account system

Acquiring service platform hierarchical role management, basic information management, business information management and access audit management.

Multi-dimensional transaction management

Provide organizations and merchants with multi-dimensional order real-time query service and order statistics service, helping users to fully grasp the store operation.

Efficient Visualization of financial reconciliations

For users of different roles, the service platform provides specialized reconciliation reports, error handling, and easy realization of merchant reconciliation and institutional reconciliation.

Service Cases

The first non-bank Visa member acquirer in China

  • – Assisting them in applying for the qualification of Visa online acquiring service
  • – Preparation of relevant written applications
  • – Assist in the revision of relevant compliance processes and risk control systems
  • – Assist in participating in wind interviews for the deck
  • – Acquiring system setup
  • – Introduction of the first seed merchants

Australian Licensed Payment Institution

  • – Deployment of payment systems
  • – Access to the ecological pool of overseas acquiring channels
  • – Pairing with overseas acquirers
  • – Wind control compliance consulting and landing
  • – Assistance in preparing compliance materials

Subsidiary of domestic head B2B cross-border e-commerce platform

  • – Consolidated denial rate management
  • – Grievance handling of disputed and refused orders
  • – Self-inspection and rectification of risk control and compliance

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