Security guarantees every transaction

Security guarantees every transaction

To master the dynamics of global risk data, build a risk control center for cross-border transactions, comprehensively and intelligently monitor transaction quality, eliminate fraud and prevent non-payment; Ensure that every transaction is safe and reliable.
Financial institution solutions

Financial institution solutions

The online business of financial industry faces many pain points in the wave of digital transformation. Wintranx uses financial data + risk control technology to build a risk control center covering the whole business life cycle to ensure the safety and reliability of every transaction.

Global Risk Control Partners

Scenario pain points

Traditional acquirers Small and medium-sized payment companies

Traditional acquirers
Small and medium payment companies

Program Advantages

Fast building of payment system, direct connection to card group core acquiring system, support CTV, MPGS

AI Marchine Learning
Intelligent risk control system

One click to open the international deck mainstream wind control tools
Anticipate risks in advance

15 years + Senior risk control expert, familiar with the wind cabinet rules and compliance policies of the deck

Related Products

Anti-Fraud Identification (Professional Edition)

Based on the big data platform, we use AI machine learning system, driven by data + technology, to provide efficient and accurate anti-fraud transaction identification.

Rejection Alert (Pro version)

When a consumer rejects a payment, we send a rejection warning notice to the merchant before a rejection dispute arises, helping the merchant to pre-treat the rejection dispute and initiate a refund, greatly reducing the merchant's rejection rate

Transaction Quality Ratings (Professional Edition)

Quality rating of all transactions, alerting risky transactions and helping financial institutions identify and block fraudulent transactions in a timely manner

3DS Validation (Professional Edition)

Fully automated payment decisioning 3DS 2.0 validation to improve merchant transaction conversions and approve orders in real time

Device Fingerprinting (Professional Edition)

Accurately identify users' terminal devices, generate unique device IDs, defend against all kinds of fraud attacks from the device source, and empower business growth

Anti-Money Laundering (Professional Edition)

Verify equity penetration relationship and identify the actual controller. Check and filter through Dow Jones AML blacklist tool to confirm merchants are legally compliant

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