Fraud Management A Trusted and Integrated Fraud Management Platform

Machine Learning AI system-driven fraud management solution that efficiently prevents and blocks all types of fraud attacks.

How the Wintranx Fraud Management System works

Wintranx uses advanced machine learning AI to filter and analyze transaction data and compare it in real time with billions of other interactions across the global network to establish a customer’s trust level identifier.

Helps merchants make instant transaction decisions – approve high-trust transactions, reject low-trust transactions, or review suspicious transactions.

Our advantage

Reducing misjudgments

Wintranx's AI fraud management system automatically makes transactional decisions based on identity trust levels and business policies, providing the most accurate risk trust assessment in real time. Help merchants stop wrongly rejecting normal transactions.

Increase revenue

Wintranx Smart AI uses two types of machine learning techniques to block all types of fraudulent attacks. Help merchants get more successful orders from quality customers, resist fraudulent transactions, and increase financial gains.

Cost reduction and efficiency

Wintranx's automated trading decision system helps merchants essentially eliminate the cost of manual review. Helping merchants improve operational efficiency and devote more time, resources and people to real business growth.

Wintranx Fraud Management Solution

Stop account fraud

Curbing promotional abuse

Screening for payment fraud

Eliminate Gift Card Fraud

Get Denial of Payment Protection

Fraud strategy customization

Merchants can customize and adjust fraud prevention strategies and monitor performance in real time.
Customize risk control rules and fraud prevention policies to meet your business needs and set relevant risk thresholds to protect against all types of fraud attacks.

Transaction Data Visualization

Merchants can log in to the system backend at any time to view and download transaction data reports, keeping track of the thousands of data nodes collected from customer registration to transaction completion.
In-depth data analysis is not only better for fraud prevention, but also helps merchants optimize their marketing campaigns; in addition, it can expand sales channels and provide unique insights for business growth.

One-on-one training with risk control experts

Wintranx matches users with one-on-one risk control strategy experts to guide and help merchants customize their fraud prevention policies based on business type and desired outcomes.

Wintranx Helps CLIO Professional Reach New Markets

CLIO Professional is a leading international makeup brand whose growing market share and trading volume presents new fraud challenges. With Wintranx’s fraud management system, Wintranx:
  • 72% reduction in rejections
  • Achieved a rejection rate of less than 1.2%
  • 6.7% increase in transactions processed

Ready to stop denial fraud?

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