Complaint Success Stories 8000+

Internationalized grievance experts and lawyers team, 15 years + deep plowing in the professional field of cross-border e-commerce grievance, successfully unblocked 1000+ stores, full process to solve 300+ grievance cases.


"Easy Complaint"

The essential tool for cross-border e-commerce operations!

AI writing assistance tool that helps cross-border e-commerce sellers automate complaint emails.

One-click accurate translation, intelligent reminder of professional customer complaint reply suggestions, automatic generation of complaint reply emails, more rich email templates and successful case library resources.

Account unblock

Unblock store accounts and recover frozen funds!

To unblock appeals against blocked or restricted cross-border e-commerce platforms or payment accounts, we choose the best appeals plan according to different reasons for blocking, and recover losses for merchants.

Our advantage

High ROI

Zero upfront cost
fee based
No success, no fee

Professional Strength

Successfully unblocked 1000+ stores
Solve 300+ cases in the whole process
Difficult case appeal success rate is high

Professional Team

Deeply cultivate the field of cross-border risk control
Senior Industry Expert
International lawyer team

Comprehensive coverage

Analyze account security risks
Customized security solution planning
Quickly build a front-end risk control system

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